NAMES:  Rocco

BREED: Romanian rescue dog 

AGE: 2 years 

CHILDREN: Due to his fear we would recommend an adult only home to make his life a bit more relaxed.

OTHER DOGS: has been fine with all dogs during assessments. He lived with a female dog in his precious home, so he can live as an only dog or if we find the right match, a gentle, easy going female.

CATS: He is not suited to living with cats; he did for 18 months, then began to chase them but he was with another female at the time who also chased them.

MORE INFORMATION: Rocco is a very handsome Romanian boy. He has been returned to us after living in home with an adult family and another female dog and 2 cats. But needed to be returned as he began to chase the cats and with family changes in the home, he became unsettled. He needs to be introduced to new people slowly as he is fearful.

IDEAL HOME: Rocco would best suit an adult only, pet free home would be perfect where he can be given the time to settle and adjust. He is naturally fearful so he needs the time to trust, but once he has built a relationship he is very happy and playful! 

FEEDING: he loves his food and at the kennels is fed a raw diet of natural instinct 

HEALTH: he has been healthy during his stay at the kennels 

TRAINING REQUIREMENTS : Rocco has been working with his fear towards new people during his stay. He takes a while to build a relationship and his natural response is to be cautious of anything new to him. This will be an ongoing process in his new life, giving him to time adjust and have the patience to help him make the right choices. 

This is our current assessment, the assessments are on-going as always, and although we temperament test our dogs in many situations, we can not know how they be when they arrive in your home, support is given as always be given by the trainer you are matched to.