He has been here for a few weeks now and you will have noticed we have been a tad quiet about him.

The reason, well, it appears his owner abandoned him as the stunning Pie here has some health troubles. Now, please know, a vet visit and confirmation tells us he appears to be pain free and this trooper just cracks on.

So, a little about Pie, well, number 1 he is delicious. I mean, REALLY edible, if you are a bull breed lover, he hits the spot.

He is a total dude. Loving, and very typical of his breed in that he is very excited meeting people! 

So, what is the hitch, the thing is, I am so worried, you see he has what we would consider is CDRM, a degenerative disease, and it means he needs a special guardian.

He is doubly incontinent, not ALL the time, but sometimes. And it is really going to take a special human and a unique home environment to give him the life he deserves.

So, what does this mean? Well, he has a strange gait, the never endings are damaged, and it means his back legs have a little mind of their own, but this boy isn't going to let it get him down, in fact he can still jump up onto furniture (Whoops... I mean work surfaces, desks, and of course a sofa)

He doesn't know he is "going" and if it doesn't bother you, it doesn't bother him.
We are dreaming if we could find him an adopter, but I think on balance, the best we could hope for would be a foster.
He would hate to be kept out of family life, so perhaps an only dog with someone with tiled floors or wooden floors would be ideal.

DOGS:  He doesn't like dogs that enter his space, so he needs to be an only dog in the home.

But he just wants to be loved.  Can you be his Valentine and offer him this lifeline?