NAME: PADDY (Paddington)

BREED: Terrier Cross

DOB: 01/11/12

CHILDREN: We would recommend an adult only home, with no visiting children.

OTHER DOGS: He has been good with female dogs during assessments but we would recommend he lives as an only dog, as he is reactive to SOME dogs on walks.

CATS: He MAY be able to live with a cat. We can assess him with your cat in your home if the 1st introductions with you go OK

FEEDING: We feed him a raw diet, which he loves.

HEALTH: He has been healthy during his stay with us.

MORE INFORMATION: Paddy is an active little terrier. He loves to be out and about and loves his food.  He loves being fussed WHEN he is trusting and comfortable of his human; he does not like being touched by people unknown to him, and he is especially untrusting of men.

IDEAL HOME: Paddy would best suit an adult only home as he can be cautious being handled initially by people he doesn’t know.  He is reactive to males on walks.

TRAINING REQUIREMENTS: Paddy’s main issues are being handled in certain circumstances - for example - having his harness taken off and being groomed. He would need to build a relationship with his new owners before leaving and they need to be patient and understanding of his concerns. Trust is really important to Paddy and he needs very gentle handling.

LOCATION: At Glendee Rescue, Hertfordshire.

This is our current assessment, the assessments are on-going as always, and although we temperament test our dogs in many situations, we cannot know how they be when they arrive in your home, support is given as always be given by the trainer you are matched to.