NAME:  Opal and Ophelia

BREED: Female Devon Rex’s, Opal and Ophelia are a bonded pair.

AGE: approx. 4 years old although unknown exactly.

GOOD WITH CHILDREN:  Neither of the girls has been socialised with people so a home without young children would be ideal.

GOOD WITH DOGS: The girls would prefer a home without a resident dog.

GOOD WITH OTHER CATS: They are both used to living with other cats so with the correct introductions could live with others.

MORE INFORMATION: Opal and Ophelia came into Glendee's care along with two other Devon Rex’s. Ophelia is the darker and more confident of the two but over time Opal has become much happier in the company of people she knows. They are very food motivated and as a breed are known to be very bright and trainable.

IDEAL HOME: Neither of the girls is used to living outdoors so a home where they can live comfortably as indoor cats would be perfect for them.

FEEDING: a grain free diet has been provided for them during their stay, consisting of both wet and dry. They absolutely love their food.

HEALTH: Both girls are in good health. They arrived wearing collars which had caused bald patches on their necks but the hair is now growing back nicely. Both girls are used to having their eyes cleaned when they get a little dirty. They have both been spayed, chipped and are fully vaccinated.

LOCATION: At Glendee Rescue, Hertfordshire. 


LOOKING FOR A HOME Please share, and if you are interested in adopting or finding out more about Opal and Ophelia, please download an adoption form from email it to