BREED: Chihuahua 

AGE: 7 

CHILDREN: Adult only home 

OTHER DOGS:  He has been good during assessments and not reactive on lead to other dogs out walking.  He is equally happy in his own company, so he would ideally be suited to be a solo companion in a home.

CATS: not yet tested 

MORE INFORMATION: Milo is super clever, and easily attaches to his care giver. He's quite a laid back guy in temperament when he knows you and enjoys chilling out in the office with us through the day. He has had previous issues around resource guarding, and he is not fond of anyone approaching him if he is in his bed, but he is easily distracted and comes to you if invited. And he loves to sit on your lap once he is comfortable with you. He takes around 4 visits to get to know someone.

IDEAL HOME: He would best suit an adult only home without too much disruption. He's a lovely little dog, loves training and doing things, but not a terribly demanding dog in terms of exercise. He's very little trouble in our office and mainly spends his time horizontal! 

FEEDING: He loves his food and at the kennels is fed a raw diet of natural instinct 

HEALTH: He has been healthy during his stay at the kennels 

LOCATION: At Glendee Rescue,Hertfordshire

TRAINING REQUIREMENTS: Milo isn't terribly happy with being handled by new people so he needs time to build a relationship and feel confident with being touched. Teaching him that this can be a positive experience for him would be the most important. He loves general training and treats so keeping his mind active would be something he would enjoy!