NAME: Marmaduke (Male)
BREED: Domestic short-haired Ginger and white
DOB:  Age approx. 3-4 years (2020)

CHILDREN: Marmaduke has not ben tested with children at Glendee. We feel he may be able to live with children.

DOGS : We feel Marmaduke could live with a calm dog who would allow him space when he needs it.

OTHER CATS : We feel that Marmaduke could live with another cat companion.

HEALTH:   No current health issues

MORE INFORMATION:Marmaduke is a real loveable and easy going character. He loves human company, but is equally happy in his own company. He LOVES feeding times and is generally a happy and accommodating cat.

IDEAL HOME:  Away from busy roads and with access to a garden to explore.

LOCATION: At Glendee Rescue, Hertfordshire.

This is our current assessment.