BREED: Jack Russell Terrier

AGE: 6 years 


OTHER DOGS: Holly is not reactive to other dogs when on a walk. Although she can become over excited and over enthusiastic with greetings. She does need to be the only pet in the home as she is very, very keen to be the one and only with wanting to be the full centre of attention.


MORE INFORMATION Holly is a typical terrier, with enormous potential in the right home. She can easily get over excited and vocal, but also loves a cuddle and is very affectionate. She finds the outside world hugely arousing and needs someone who will continue to work on her focus and loose lead walking skills.
Holly is currently not allowed off lead, and is walked on a long line. Her recall has improved but will need further work. She would chase wildlife and needs to remain in safe fields or on lead.
Holly loves attention and interaction with her humans.

IDEAL HOME: Holly needs a home that will understand that despite her Princess looks she is essentially a working terrier and needs an outlet for these traits. Holly is currently not happy being left alone. She does have some behavioural issues which have been worked on but would need ongoing training in her new home. Some of her issues did not present when she was home boarded without the dog she currently lives with. Therefore it is our current belief that she would be more relaxed and more open to learning as an only dog,

FEEDING: Holly loves her food and part of her ongoing training is to learn a little self-control around it. She is currently on a diet of Lily’s Kitchen wet and dry, and Country Hunter freeze dried raw.

HEALTH: Holly has no obvious health issues although she has been prone to ear infections. 


TRAINING REQUIREMENTS: Holly has issues with resource guarding (dog-dog). This has been over food, treasure that has been cached under the sofa and occasionally seemingly random items in the home. 

This is our current assessment, the assessments are on-going as always, and although we temperament test our dogs in many situations, we cannot know how they be when they arrive in your home, support is given as always be given by the trainer you are matched to.