NAME:  Fearne

BREED: Working cocker spaniel

AGE: unknown. Young but not a puppy.

CHILDREN: As we work through her assessments, we can confirm that with the right family, she could live with children over 10.

OTHER DOGS: she has been fine with all dogs during assessments. She is a lively girl so would need the right dogs to match

CATS: not yet tested

MORE INFORMATION: Fearne is a sweet natured spaniel. She loves to be active and enjoys training, she loves sniffing and getting her nose into the ground and searching.

IDEAL HOME: Fearne would be best suited to a home willing to give her the time to keep active physically and mentally. She loves to be out and about and kept busy. She will require an outdoor kind of family.

FEEDING: she loves her food and at the kennels is fed a raw diet of natural instinct.

HEALTH: she has been healthy during her stay at the kennels.

TRAINING REQUIREMENTS : Fearne loves training. Though she has no specific training requirements at the moment, she would need someone to enrich her training wise and help keep her mind stimulated

This is our current assessment, the assessments are on-going as always, and although we temperament test our dogs in many situations, we can not know how they be when they arrive in your home, support is given as always be given by the trainer you are matched to.