Breed - anyone's guess!!

Age - 18 months/2 years

Good with children - due to his nature I would recommend he is rehomed to somewhere with no children

Good with dogs - He's been good with all dogs he has met at the kennels. Can be strong to meet new dogs if they initiate play and is headstrong

Good with cats - not cat tested

More info - Falcor is deaf. He is a beautiful dog, always happy and always smiling. He is quite headstrong and loves to hold things in his mouth, from leads and toys to paddling pools and bins. He is very playful and loves water and tugging. He walks very well on the lead but can be a little stronger when walking with company  

Ideal home - ideal home would be an adult only home. He loves company of people and loves to be out and about, but doesn't necessarily need hours of physical exercise. He would love to find people who will appreciate him for the incredible dog he is and understand that life's a little harder when you're a big deaf boy trying to communicate as best as you can

Feeding - raw or nature diet

Health - good health. He did have a ear infection before he came to us which was treated and he's had no problems with us 

Location - Glendee Kennels, HertsTraining requirements are on going. We would like to find him a home where someone is keen to continue training with his best friend and behaviourist, Rachel, in his home and we are suggesting that 4 home visits would be appropriate to ensure a happy life for all.