NAME:  Esk

BREED: Bull Lurcher 

AGE: unknown- young adult 

WITH CHILDREN: older children yes 

OTHER DOGS: she has been fine with all dogs during assessments so far 

CATS: yes 

MORE INFORMATION: Esk is a very beautiful bull Lurcher girl. Previous history is unknown but she's very sweet natured and playful 

IDEAL HOME: Esk would best suit a home that understands seperation anxiety and would be sympathetic during her move into the house to help her settle. Because of this she would be best at a home where she isn't left for long periods of time alone 

FEEDING: she loves her food and at the kennels is fed a raw diet of natural instinct 

HEALTH: she has been healthy during her stay at the kennels. She has am old injury to one of her back legs and a few scars but that doesn't stop her! 

TRAINING REQUIREMENTS : She loves playing and training and would benefit from that continuing in her new home. She would most likely have anxiety issues in a new home which would need to be worked on, and general training as she may never have lived in a home before. Saying that, she is very settled in the office