NAME: Daisy

BREED: Jack Russell Terrier

DOB: 01/09/08

CHILDREN: We are looking for an adult only home, Daisy was experiencing some difficulties having children in her previous home after 10 years, which in the end resulted in her coming into rescue. Details known to us will be disclosed to anyone wishing to apply for Daisy.

DOGS: Daisy would prefer to be an only dog, but we wouldn’t rule out a home with another calm male dog, subject to successful introductions. We would welcome a few visits to assess how they may get along.

CATS: Not yet tested.

FEEDING: Daisy loves her food and is on a raw diet.

HEALTH: Daisy has shown no signs of health problems since being with us at Glendee. 

MORE INFORMATION: Daisy is an adorable bundle of JRT.  She's very sweet and once she knows you, she seeks out affection.

IDEAL HOME: Daisy does show some signs separation anxiety but is calming down a lot during her stay with us, so would prefer to have someone around most of the day; she couldn't be on her own for long periods. She could potentially be left on her own for up to two hours initially which we hope could be extended to four hours over a period of a few months. She is looking for a home with someone around most of the day.

TRAINING REQUIREMENTS: We would advise series of four home support sessions for Daisy, with a trainer who will help work on settling her in with the aim of being left for longer periods when she is ready. She is not particularly fond of travelling in the car so if a home was expecting her to travel a lot in a car, this would be another area to work on. She would like to also have some more positive associations out walking, as when she sees other dogs, she can sometimes be vocal towards some of them.